Carnival attracts Topeka families after Wichita tragedy

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT)  –  A carnival where a Wichita baby was electrocuted and later died is now being held in Topeka. 15-month-old Pressley Bartonek was shocked by a guard rail at the Evan United Show Carnival in Wichita last weekend. She passed away Wednesday. Despite the tragedy, the carnival is attracting families while it’s set up in Topeka.

“They got the wrist bands, so there’s no lines or nothing so they can just go go go,” said Josh Goodman.

An investigation is still ongoing into what happened in Wichita; however, many of the people at the carnival here in Topeka said they felt like it was safer after the tragedy.

“Being in the capital, I think they crack down a little more than Wichita did,” said Goodman.

KSNT News asked to speak to someone at the Evan United Show Carnival about the safety of the event, but was told there was no one here in Topeka that could speak to us. The carnival runs at the Kansas Expocentre through May 28.

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