Neighbors concerned after tornado siren fails


BUSHONG, Kan. (KSNT) — Neighbors in Bushong are concerned after a tornado was more than a mile away Friday, May 19, 2017, but tornado sirens never went off.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning around 8:30pm on May 19th. They confirmed a tornado touched down a little more than a mile away from Bushong — a town of less than 50 people; 30 minutes north of Emporia.

“It’s just very frustrating not knowing who’s supposed to set the siren off,” Resident, Ruth Beem said. “Is it somebody in the city? Is it the county?”

“At this time there’s no way to tell,” Bill Dungan with Lyon County Emergency Communications said. “I have seen in the past where there’s been communication issues where the storm can interfere with the radio signals.”

Duggan said warnings were issued multiple times and emergency management wasn’t aware of the problem until after the storm passed. Luckily, the tornado only damaged trees.

“I’m just wondering why they didn’t go off,” Resident, Gary Smith said. “I mean, Allen’s was going off, but ours didn’t so it concerns me.”>

“During our Monday test…our testing on Mondays, I will confirm that we have somebody in Bushong — even if it has to be myself and make sure the sirens are working,” Duggan said. “Tomorrow, if there’s any error, we’ll get with Bushong — whoever their service provider is — to fix their siren.”

Make sure you have 2 ways to notify yourself a tornado is coming your way — whether that’s a TV, radio or a cell phone — just in case one option fails.

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