Short-lived sunshine today, storm chances return tomorrow

Increasing cloud cover for tonight will prevent temperatures from dropping nearly as much as they did last night. No upper 30s like our northwestern areas woke up to this morning, as we expecting temperatures to drop off into the 50s overnight.

Monday morning will see the first of two rounds of precipitation we’re tracking. A round of showers and a few rumbles of thunder are expected Monday morning. Some models are keeping scattered showers and storms in the forecast through the early afternoon, but some dry time is still expected to mix in. Even so, when we do get those periods of dry weather during the afternoon tomorrow, sunshine will be limited as mostly cloudy conditions will still be in control. Southwest winds at 10 to 15 mph will help temperatures to warm up to near 70.

Our next cold front will begin to push through from northwest to southwest tomorrow evening, with our northwestern areas having the best shot of seeing some stronger storms. However, depending on how long the morning showers and storms last into the day, it may suck enough energy and instability from the atmosphere. If that’s the case, the atmosphere may not be able to rebound in time to help storms strengthen all too much as they pop along that cold front later in the evening. It’s a forecast that will still need to be fine tuned, but overall, the threat of severe weather is low.

Shower and storm chances spill over into Tuesday as temperatures get stuck in the 60s. Mostly sunny skies return for Wednesday, but we stay cool in the 60s. Temperatures will warm back up to near 80 for Memorial Day weekend, with a couple of isolated chances for showers and storms on Friday and Saturday.

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