Someone You Should Know: Tegery Seetin

Perry, KAN. (KSNT)-  There’s a guardian angel looking out for local kids in Northeast, Kansas.

Tegery Seetin, is making sure no child goes without a school lunch, even if they owe money. Seetin came up with the idea after seeing a news story about a child who had their lunch thrown away, because they had school lunch debt,”Then the stories kept coming, and they kept coming,” Seetin said.

There’s been several news stories in just the last year about students who either had their lunch taken away, or were give a different lunch from their classmates because the owed lunch money,”I decided one morning I was going to do something about this.” And Seetin did, even though he has no kids of his own, he got online and created a GoFundMe,”And its taken off, I raised the $1,000 goal almost within 24 hours.”

As of this post, Seetin has used the money to pay off two school districts lunch debt in Northeast, Kansas, and he’s getting ready to help more, “It can’t be soon enough in my opinion,” Seetin said.

While Seetin admits it was seeing the news stories about kids being shamed for not having enough money for school lunch, there’s and even deeper meaning behind why he decided to do something, “I’ve spent sometime in Bosnia and the children there I believe is the root of a lot of this.” While holding back tears Seetin describes the year and half he served in Bosnia in 1997, “It was a shelled out country and it was due to a mass genocide,”Seetin said. “All these adults who had fled the massacre were leaving thousands upon thousands of children behind.”

Seetin said his troop was there for humanitarian purposes, “As you can imagine there were great atrocities that were committed with these children that were left behind,” he said. “No parents, no food, no money, no anything but maybe a booby-trapped teddy bear, that they had left behind. So the one comfort, the only comfort that they had was something was going to kill them.”

Seetin said it was what he witnessed in Bosnia, that truly became the beginning and root of what he’s doing now to help children,”They were left behind, and I don’t want our children to be left behind,” Seetin said. “It’s a great nation that we live in, and we have great systems in place for them, but it can be it an be a lot better, I believe.”

Moving forward Seetin said he has big plans to help get students across the country school lunch debt paid off. In the meantime though he’ll continue helping area schools. If you would like to help him on his mission, click HERE.

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