Germanfest preparation ramps up

Preparations for Germanfest, the annual fundraiser at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, are in full swing.

Cutting cabbage, chopping onions, and browning hamburger were some of the things being prepped in Sacred Heart’s church basement today.

This comes before the biggest days of cooking, when 7,500 kraut strudels are made Wednesday and Thursday.

Cut onions and cabbage

Getting everything prepared today is critical in making the next couple days go smoothly.

“All of our food is fresh, we don’t freeze anything,” Germanfest organizer, Maureen Steinbock says, ‘so today is a big day of prepping.”

The increased workload means more volunteers are necessary. Steinbock says the regulars are out in the church basement just like years past, but the new faces helping out is a welcome sight.

Work will continue throughout the week with food lines opening at 5 o’clock Saturday night.

You can find a full schedule of events here.

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