Local woman thanks TOPS for 71 pound weight loss

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- In a world of more weight loss programs than we can count, Laura Davis from Lyndon, Kansas, thanks her 71 pound weight loss to a unique program found in locally.

“Two years ago this May, I started at TOPS and weighed in a 216. I felt the effects of being big. I would have knee pain several times during the week and this past may I weighed in at 145,” said Laura Davis.

TOPS stands for, Take Off Pounds Sensibly, and has been around since 1948.

“We first weigh in at the private weigh-ins. And then after the weigh-ins we go into our meetings.  We talk about health, we talk about accountability, and we talk about support for each other,” said Jerry Hardwick, a Northeast Kansas TOPS Chapter Leader.

But what really makes this program so enticing to users like Laura, is the no frills atmosphere.

“Some of the other groups are just focused on their program, their meetings, their products and you don’t get that. TOPS is more like a family,” said Davis.

As a family, the group not only encourages good nutrition and exercise, but also a realistic routine. Two years later, Laura can now tell when she’s off her weekly schedule.

“I could tell if I hadn’t had my water all day, I could tell if I hadn’t worked out in two days, I could feel it.”

Now, when Laura looks in the mirror, 71 pounds lighter, she says it’s kind of hard to believe that’s her.

“Oh yea! That’s me!”

TOPS has an annual fee of $32 per year with meetings once a week.

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