Out with the old in with the new: ‘green monster’ gets facelift

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It’s known as the ‘green monster,’ but it won’t be green for much longer.

What was once green, will now be replaced with a tan color. The color isn’t the only change to the St. Gregory Suites. The new management is spending nearly $2 million on renovations to the property.

The Oklahoma-based Eucalyptus Real Estate LLC purchased the property last year.

Eucalyptus Real Estate LLC owns several other apartment complexes in the community. According to county records, they own the Carriage House Apartments as well as the Capital Corner Apartments.

Megan McGinnis, President at Eucalyptus Real Estate LLC, said they think the remodel will possibly draw a different demographic of renters than in the past.

Charles Deloney, a tenant at St. Gregory Suites, said he doesn’t like that he is being forced to leave.

“It’s kinda shallow for someone to say, ‘leave.’ You know, it’s ‘time for you to go.’ After 11 years,” said Deloney.

McGinnis said, “We are not evicting tenants. We are sending out vacating notices and offering them a place to relocate to.”

The tenants have the option to relocate to another one of their properties called the Capital Corner Apartments at 800 and 820 S.W. Polk St.

City Councilwomen Karen Hiller said, “We have very strong needs in this community for the housing for at risk folks that were there before.”



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