Less humid weather expected through Thursday

We’re tracking cooler weather across Northeast Kansas today. Last night’s dry cold front also ushered in less humid weather too. Our average high temperature for this time of the year is 82° – we’ll be right around that seasonal standard over the next three days. In fact, we’re forecast a high of 83° today, 81° tomorrow and 83° again on Thursday. We won’t WARM things up again until the weekend.

Generally, we’re getting ourselves into a prolonged stretch of quiet, rain-free weather. Of course there are always exceptions, especially this time of the year. Take last night for example – N. Central Kansas picked up some locally heavy rain from a  few renegade showers that dropped south out of Nebraska. THIS is exactly what we’re alluding to. It’s still spring and random, spotty showers are possible in the weather pattern. The vast majority of Northeast Kansas will remain dry and sun-filled BUT an isolated thunderstorm is possible this week – just something to keep in mind. It’s also worth mentioning that the meager rain chances will likely be confined to our western counties over the next few days/nights. In other words, places like Concordia and Belleville have some of the best chances for these pop-up storms, while places like Kansas City have no chance for rain.

Lows will hangout in the 50s over the next several nights – not bad sleeping weather for the month of June! However, much more humid weather will return as early as Friday. We’re tracking hot and humid weather for the weekend as highs soar into the lower 90s and lows bump into the 70s. Talk about some sticky weather a couple week before summer officially begins. Speaking of – the first day of summer is on June 20th this year and until then, our days continue to get longer and longer. The only real chance for ‘widespread’ rain over the next 7-10 days looks to be late Friday night, into early Saturday morning. But even recent computer models are backing away from that chance – we’ll keep it at 20% for now and tweak it over the next few days. Other than that, expect lots of sunshine and early summer-like weather to prevail. Stay tuned.

You’re already in the right place for the latest weather information across Northeast Kansas. Be sure to check back for regular forecast updates, as the warmer weekend weather slides in. You can also download our KSNT Storm Track Weather App for free right here. It’s also available (for free) on your local mobile marketplace – Android, iPhone, etc. It’s the very best way to get an up-to-the-minute forecast on-the-go! No matter where you are, we’re always watching and always tracking!

Have a great day!

– KSNT Storm Track Meteorologist Kyle Borchert

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