Rookie manager Connor Crimmins poised to lead Golden Giants

TOPEKA (KSNT) – It’s the beginning of June which means it’s time for summer baseball.

The Mid Plains League kicked off this week and for the Topeka Golden Giants, a new face is at the helm, however he’s not a stranger to the Capital City.

“It’s kind of cool, managing on the field where it kind of got started for me,” said Connor Crimmins, Golden Giants Manager.

Connor Crimmins has been playing baseball in the area for a while as he was a stand out at Shawnee Heights as well as for Washburn. However, it’s a new mission this summer, because now he’s managing the team he used to play for.

“Coaching has always been my dream,” Crimmins said. “Once my playing days were over, I knew I wanted to get into coaching, I’ve had a lot of good coaches growing up.”

After being assistants under Harley Douglas and Brad Hill, Crimmins now gets a shot at running a ball club, however with that being said, are there any worries with a first time manager?

“Maybe not knowing what to do all the time,” said Cole Hoover, Giants catcher. “Coach has had a really good plan with what we’re going to do.”

Crimmins played for the giants a few years ago and so did current outfielder Jonathan Mariani. He explains how he remembers what it was like playing with him.

“His style hasn’t changed,” Mariani said. He’s being competitive, he hasn’t changed a bit and he knows the game really well. So it’s really awesome to play with him and now for him.

With a young coach, comes somewhat of a young mentality, however, the team knows there’s a mission at hand.

“It’s pretty laid back,” Hoover said. “We also wants to win which I really like. It’s summer ball, you want to have fun but you also want to win.”

A mindset that this rookie manager has instilled, all while appreciating what he’s got.

“It’s kind of my goal is to take it and make the most of my opportunities, and give back to the kids,” Crimmins said.

The ultimate goal though, as it should be, is a league championship.

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