Topeka teen receives frightening call about her babysitting ad


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A Northeast Kansas parent is speaking out after her daughter received a terrifying phone call.

Madison Hopkins and her friend are out of school for the summer and said they wanted to babysit to make some extra money.

Madison posted an ad about babysitting but that’s where things went wrong.

“I was kinda cautious about posting,” said Madison. “But I just posted because I didn’t really think it would happen.”

That’s when Madison got a call reading ‘No Caller ID.”

She answered the call and it was a man’s voice. He said he was a single father and needed babysitting help but it quickly turned into something else.

“He started asking me these weird questions. Like if boys think I’m pretty and like if I’m attractive and what I wear on a normal basis,” Hopkins said.

That’s when Madison’s mother, Katie Hopkins stepped in.

Katie started asking Madison questions about the conversation and the man immediately hung up.

He called back again later but this time Madison’s mom was there to pick up. The man hung up again.

“I haven’t gotten a call back from him,” Madison said.

Katie said she’s thankful she was there.

“If she would’ve decided to meet up with this person you never know what could’ve happened,” she said.

Katie said she wanted to call police but didn’t think they’d be able to help because they had no information on the person.

They said they immediately took the ad down and won’t be posting any in the near future.

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