Shawnee County Parks and Rec. asking for caution around young eagles

Photo Courtesy: Shawnee County Parks + Recreation

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Shawnee County Parks and Recreation are asking the public to be cautious if they see eaglets around Lake Shawnee.

According to parks and recreation, the young birds have left the nest, to learn to fly. One of the eaglets has been seen around the area of West Edge Road while the other has remained beneath the nest and is being fed by one of the adult eagles.

The sightings of the eaglets have prompted numerous phone calls. Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism has been watching the birds, making sure they are safe and healthy as they develop their wings and learn to fly.

Should the birds be spotted near the Lake Shawnee Trail where one was seen Monday, individuals are urged to give the birds extra room both for the well-being of the eaglets and the safety of individuals. The young eagles are already good-sized and their talons are sharp.

Shawnee County Park Police kept a close eye on the eaglet seen perched on a park bench near the trail Monday, asking park patrons to afford the bird plenty of extra space.

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