Someone You Should Know: Pat Kluthe

EMPORIA, Kan.(KSNT)- If your clocks broke, don’t just toss it out out the door, a local man will fix it.

Pat Kluthe is like a modern day father time, he owns Time Travelers Clock Repair in Emporia, a store just off Main Street that specializes in repairing clocks, “To me I like putting them back together and figuring out how they operate,” Kluthe said.

He uses his tools, mainly screwdrivers to fix, clean, repair and even recycle clocks for people all over the U.S., “I’ve got customers from South Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, New York.”

Working around so many clocks, he’s got his favorites, “I like grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks are fun too.” A grandmothers clock, we asked?  “Right, grandmother clock is a little bit smaller in case, they have more of a curvy feel to them, like a grandmother would..I’m just saying,” Kluthe said.

With a personality like Pats, he comes up with several clock puns over the years,”Oh my goodness there’s too many to count,” Kluthe said. “Enjoy your times another one.”

If you have a clock that needs to be repaired, Pat’s store is open everyday except Friday and Sunday. You can give him a call or just drop by. Click HERE to check out his website.



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