Cost of college could rise

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – A tuition increase could be on the way for college students across Kansas.

A vote by the Kansas Board of Regents on Thursday will determine just how much.

Kansas State University is proposing the highest increase for tuition and fees of the six schools at 4 percent.

Tuition and fees for the University of Kansas could rise 2.6 percent.

Meanwhile, Wichita State University could see a 2.5 percent rise.

Emporia State University could see a 2.8 percent hike while Pittsburg State University students could see a rise of 2.7 percent.

Fort Hays University could be looking at a 2.6 percent increase.

K-State student body president Jack Ayers said K-State’s professors get paid the least out of any school in the Big 12 Conference.

He said that no student wants to pay more for tuition, but the fee increase is important to retain staff and faculty.

Harrison Schmidt, a K-State student, said he’d be be okay with it if that is really how the money will be spent.

“If it actually translated to teachers that could teach the material well, knew what they were doing and did a good job of it, then I’d feel okay with it,” said Schmidt.

Another student said she doesn’t feel the same

“I’m an international student so my tuition is like insane,” said K-State student Bruna Abdo. “We have a lot of fees to pay too. Passport fees, visa fees, and that’s so much money.”

The board will vote tomorrow on whether or not to accept the proposed tuition hike.


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