Summer car seat safety in Shawnee County

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Summer time is just about here and many families are getting ready for that annual road trip. But how safe is your child – while in the car?  According to the CDC, 663 children, ages 12 years and younger, died as occupants in motor vehicle crashes in 2015.  But there are ways to stay as safe as possible.

“Children under 13 we really suggest that they always stay in the back seat,” said Safe Kids Shawnee County Coalition Coordinator Teresa Taylor.

Many older kids and parents, don’t always think this is necessary but there’s a good reason for this recommendation.

“Those airbags in the front, just are not made for their bodies.  Even though they may be taller than their parents at that point, their bodies are still not structured at that point the same way an adult is.  Research has proven time and again that they get more severe injuries with that airbag inflation.”

Car seats are a must for younger children but with so many different car seats, models, and designs, how do you choose the right seat for your child?

“Safe Kids Worldwide has developed the ultimate car seat guide which makes it easy for parents and caregivers to quickly check. They can go to ultimate car seats guide online and enter the child’s age, height, and weight.  And based on that information it will give recommendations for the types of seats that are appropriate for that child,” said Taylor.

After checking online, Safe Kids Shawnee County also recommends bringing your car to their free car seat checks, to make sure your seat is safe, for your child, in your car.

“We do it on the second Saturday of every month in different locations throughout Shawnee County from 9:00 – noon. We have nationally certified passenger safety technicians that have to go through a three day class to get trained in these things and take additional courses every year.”

And never forget, seat belts are required for everyone, every ride, every time.

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