Tricks to staying cool when your power goes out

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- Hundreds of people across northeast Kansas were left without power this weekend due to severe weather and they are finding creative ways to beat the heat.

Christine Vaughn was one of those people. Her and her kids have been doing everything they can to avoid going inside their very warm home.

This means hanging out in her car with the air conditioning running, while the youngest kids splash around in a kiddie pool on the front porch.

Westar said 45 homes near 18th and Webster in Topeka were without power on Saturday because of a down power line. The heat index was 103 that day.

Many people had their power out all day on Saturday and Westar continues their work to restore power to those people.

As they continue to work on that, they do have a few tricks that can help you stay cool.

They say to keep all doors and windows in your home closed. This will help maintain the temperature inside. You should do the same for your freezer and refrigerator.

To avoid overloading your circuits when the power comes back on, Westar says you should unplug your appliances.

Lastly, they ask you turn your porch light on so that workers know when power has been restored.

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