Local experts share home cooling tricks

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)  – Keeping homes cool and costs down is a universal desire when temperatures swell.

But as the mercury rises, your bill doesn’t have to.

A local heating and cooling technician took KSNT News along for the ride during a routine maintenance trip. During the session, he shared the following tricks for keeping you chilly all summer long.

  • Always check and maintain furnace filters. This should be done roughly every 3 months.
  • According to Freiss heating and air technician, Travis Casto – “dirty condensers will cause failed capacitors, failed compressors, high utility bills, less efficient units.” The company will clean them, but you can also do this yourself.
  • Check the batteries in your thermostat. Often times, batteries die – preventing your unit from running. Routine checks can eliminate this problem year round.

In addition to maintenance, there are a number of things you can do to block heat from entering your home.

  • Close blinds/curtains. Investing in a quality set of blackout curtains can absorb heat. This will help lighten the load on your A/C unit, saving you a little extra dough.
  • Turn off unused electronics! Especially during the most intense, daily periods of heat. Large TV’s and appliances like washers and dryers can increase the temperature of a room by several degrees.

When in doubt always call an expert.

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