Perry residents react to manhunt

Single car crash off Highway 24 leads to a manhunt in Perry, Kansas.

PERRY, Kan. (KSNT)– A single car crash led to a manhunt in Perry, a town just shy of 1,000 people.

The driver crashed his SUV into a power line pole off Highway 24. Officials tell us he left the scene and was later picked up by a truck driver. The truck driver dropped the man off at Bernie’s convenience store in Perry.

The driver left Bernie’s on foot, which led to a man hunt in the town.

“The truck driver did say he was very combative and wanted to fight,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Herrig, about the driver.

Jefferson County Sheriff deputies began the search for this man and called local residents of Perry, but residents got another warning sign as well.

“After the second pass by the sheriff’s helicopter I came outside to see what was going on,” said Perry resident, Jim Householder.

Householder’s neighbor, Linda McHardie found out about the manhunt through Facebook posts. 

“I was worried because I thought why would he run,” McHardie said.

Even though residents in the neighborhood surrounding the manhunt were worried, they were also trusting in the law enforcement officers conducting the search.

“I have a great deal of faith in the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department,” Householder said.

McHardied added, “I put my faith in our police and they are good ones.”

The man was not found during the search Wednesday in Perry and the case was handed over to Kansas Highway Patrol.

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