Plant theft continues in Northeast Kansas

TOPEKA, Kan.(KSNT) – After finding dozens of stolen potted plants in Manhattan and five banana trees stolen outside a Topeka home, the plant theft continues. This time, it affects our tax dollars.

Now the plant thieves are stealing from Gage Parks Doran Rock Garden.

“If we find out who has done this, and we often do, they will be prosecuted,” said Shawnee County Public Information Supervisor Mike McLaughlin.

Jackson’s Greenhouse and Garden Center co-owner Annette Jackson said people are stealing plants because they are valuable. She also said it is because they look good and people simply want them.

“It would be an envy type of sin,” Jackson said.

The gardeners of Shawnee County have to spend hours to replant the stolen flowers and some they cannot replace. The plants stolen from Gage Park are plants that cannot be found at local greenhouses. Our tax dollars are what is used to replant these flowers.

Shawnee County gardener Traci Podlena said it is frustrating having to spend hours to replant these flowers that are stolen by the public.

“When you actually plant these for the people and then the people actually steal them,” Podlena said.

Topeka police are working to find out who is responsible for stealing the plants around Northeast Kansas.

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