Someone You Should Know: Isaiah Shaver

EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT)-  It all started with a Facebook post from a family friend.

A public plea for prayers, well wishes, and a person with O Positive blood that could be a kidney donor, for a man in need. That’s all Isaiah Shaver, read, when he realized he had to do something, “I didn’t really look into it,,” Shaver said. “I just saw ‘oh, he needs a kidney,’ that was the main concern, and I commented on it and told my aunt I’ll look into it, see what I can do.”

The 22-year-old Emporia man wasn’t kidding, he found out he was a perfect match and signed up to donate his kidney to this stranger he had never met, “Never even heard about him,” Shaver said.

It’s been about 8 months since Isaiah decided to donate to this mystery man, since starting this process he finally got the chance to meet him. Which required Shaver to fly to the mans home in Richmond, Virginia,”It was kind of relief to get to know him actually,” he said.

Meeting his donor recipient was also a little bit heartbreaking, as Shaver met the mans three children, “He just can’t be 100% dad for them,” he said.

Shaver new his kidney donation would change all of that. There was just one small setback he hadn’t prepared for, “Getting enough money to live, and still actually donate.”

There’s a 5 to 7 week recovery period for donors after going under the knife. Which meant Shaver wouldn’t be able to do his job as a deliver driver for Jimmy Johns during that entire time. “I had done the math and figured out what all my bills were going to be and how much I spent on my food and gave my self a budget.”

$2,000 that’s what he need to survive while he recovered. To help get that money, he got online and created a GoFundMe. In just two months he not only passed his goal, he raised $21,000. With all that extra money he plans on starting a foundation to help people who are in the same bind he was in,”Like I was looking for in my case,” Shaver said. “That $2,000, cause that’s the hard part is finding the time and the money to get it done.”

All because a Facebook post, he might not just save one life, but thousands.

On June 29th, 2017 Shave will have his surgery to donate his kidney.

If you would like to help Shaver on his mission to raise money for kidney donors, click HERE.

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