Country Stampede racks in millions for Manhattan economy

Country Stampede racks in millions for Manhattan economy.

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)– Thousands of country music fans are in Manhattan this weekend for Country Stampede. While the three day concert goes on, it racks in more than 10 million dollars for the city of Manhattan.

Brian Rankin, the supervisor for Short Stop gas station said Country Stampede is like Christmas for them.

He said this as he was standing in front of a semi-truck filled with ice. He said he doesn’t always have a truck full of ice at his gas station, but he does during the weekend of Country Stampede.

“I would say it about doubles our sales,” Rankin said.

Gas stations all around the Manhattan area are booming as well. A manager at Shell gas station, Samantha Zaborski said people are everywhere and it is crazy.

Hotels are reaping the benefits of the concert as well. The Comfort Suites are completely full for the weekend and have been since Tuesday.

“It doesn’t just help us, it helps everybody. All the hotels, all the businesses here in Manhattan,” manager of the Comfort Suites, Dakota Baker, said.

Country Stampede organizers say they hope to generate an even bigger economic boom for Manhattan this year, than in years past.

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