Hundreds of strangers show up to 2-year-old’s birthday party

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Sunday was a rainy day in Manhattan, but that didn’t stop people from all over Kansas from coming to support a little boy.

The little boy, SawyerLee Baldwin, loves motorcycles. He celebrated his 2nd birthday on Thursday, but Sunday was his birthday party.

“I invited like 10 kids and his daycare and was like let’s just go to the splash park and have fun,” said SawyerLee’s mother, Ashley Baldwin.

SawyerLee is an incredible little boy full of life, laughter and joy. However, the road hasn’t been easy for him.

“Sawyer demonstrates delays in his expressive language, which is his speech and his social skills,” Baldwin said.

She said that he shows red flags for autism, but said it’s too early to diagnose.

She posted an ad on Facebook, hoping that a few riders would stop by SawyerLee’s then, very small birthday party.

“One simple request can turn into something so much bigger,” she said.

What started out as a few riders quickly turned into nearly 300 riders coming from all over Kansas.

“It built on itself and went really quick and it just kinda leaped into what it is, what all of this is that you saw here today,” said Roy Bowman, member of the CVMA Kansas Chapter 21-1.

Baldwin, an avid motorcycle rider herself, thinks her love for bikes has turned into her son’s love for bikes.

“I think that’s another reason why he likes the deep rumble because he was in my belly on my bike and we rode together,” said Baldwin.

She said she is amazed by all of the support for her little guy.

“Our community is coming together to make happiness of a child,” she said.

Badlwin said she wants people to know just how much it means to her and SawyerLee.

“A good day,” said Baldwin. “Just a very good day.”

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