Volunteers spend weekend cleaning up Kansas Riverfront

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- Volunteers got their hands dirty, sprucing up the Kansas Riverfront this weekend.

Gathering just under the Topeka Boulevard Bridge, a few people were out trimming limbs from Cottonwood Trees by the river, as well as clearing brush and weeds. The purpose of the clean-up was to show Topekan’s the Riverfront is here and open to the public.

“The city is awakening to the idea that this is a great asset for our capital city,” said volunteer Mark Saylor. “If we develop this river along here, there’s all kinds of neat things that we can do.”

Some of those neat things include a Pop-Up Riverfront Park. It will be here on July 1st.

Visitors can expect a day filled with activities like canoe trips on the river, music and a lessons about the Riverfront area. But that’s not all you can expect.

“People who patrol on the river with air-boats are bringing over an air-boat and will take people out on the river to see the air-boat,” said volunteer John Hunter. “Then we’re also going to have the horseshoe association that’s supposed to be coming over.”

However, these volunteers are not just cleaning for the one-weekend event. They want to prevent the area from looking restricted because of the un-kept land and get the Riverfront to be a place Topekan’s actually want to go.

The end goal is for the future of the area to be a place that many can enjoy with added elements like picnic tables and even food trucks.

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