1982 Garden City cold case heats up with arrest made

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNT)- A man police believe is connected to a 1982 Kansas killing is now in custody.

More than three decades ago, police found Ignacio Vasquez’s body outside what once was a club known as “The Gambler” in Garden City.

Frank Rosas was arrested on suspicion of second degree murder. In 1984, a witness initially identified Frank’s brother, Toby Rosas, as having stabbed Vasquez but the case was quickly dismissed.

The Finney County Attorney said the case is not something that comes across her desk often.

“I think if it was usual, you’d hear about it a lot more often and there wouldn’t be TV shows about it, but in our county, this is the first one I know of to happen in a long time,” said Susan Richmeier, Finney County Attorney.

Police Chief Michael Utz said investigators have been following the case for decades, but now people are coming forward with new information. A court document lists more than 100 witnesses.

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