2 murders, hours apart, draw the attention of city leaders

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Two teens were murdered in Topeka over the weekend and it’s capturing the attention of local leaders.

18-year-old Justice Mitchell and 18-year-old Arden King were killed in separate incidents, just hours apart.

A vigil was held Monday afternoon for Mitchell. Family and friends came out to remember Mitchell, including his friend, Dallas Crittenden.

“Not just an 18-year-old taken too soon, but part of this community taken too soon,” said Crittenden. “Something that’s been affecting this community lately is the violence, and it needs to stop.”

Topeka city leaders are responding to the two crimes.

“It’s always a challenge and disappointing when we have a number of violent crimes and we know there have been a series lately,” said Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast.

Wolgast also said the city is monitoring the situations and doing everything it can.

City councilwoman Karen Hiller said she stands by the Topeka Police Departments efforts.

“Police are on this and they are doing the best that they can,” Hiller said.

Denise Appelhanz, a Topeka resident said, “I hope it stops. I mean, it’s very sad to see when someone loses their life, no matter what age, but yes I do hope it stops, but I don’t feel threatened at all.”

Mitchell’s dad, Mayo Mitchell, said he is asking for the community’s help.

“We’re grieving, we’re hurting, but right now I want everybody that knew my son, that knew what happened to him, I want them to come forward and get the perpetrator who did this to my son,” said Mitchell.

Police arrested 18-year-old Luqman Keys for the murder of Arden King.

Police are still looking for the person responsible for killing Justice Mitchell. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Riggin (785) 368-9503, or Crime Stoppers (785) 234-0007.

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