Kansas State University professors speak out about “campus carry”

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)– On July 1 concealed carry will be legal at public Kansas universities.

Since 2013 carrying a concealed weapon has been legal for Kansas public buildings. Kansas public universities have been exempt from this law, but the exemption expires July 1.

It is known as the campus carry law and is prompting some Kansas State University professors to make changes.

“The reason I am looking for another job is that I will not teach armed students because that’s crazy,” said Philip Nel, K-State professor.

Nel also said, “allowing campus carry will change the classroom environment. He said it revokes the safety upon which freedom of speech depends. Having freedom of speech safety being at chance makes professors jobs very hard at K-State”.

David Rintoul is retiring after 37 years of academia, with the campus carry law being one of the reasons for his retirement. He suspects campus carry will affect recruitment of faculty and students to the university.

“We lose good people, we have lost good people simply because it’s nuts, I mean you know it’s crazy,” K-State professor, David Rintoul, said.

No one from the admissions department at Kansas State University would actually comment on the staffs decisions to retire, take a leave of absence or find other opportunities.

Professors agree that the next years and semester are going to be a little more dangerous and it isn’t necessary at all. Rintoul said that college campuses shouldn’t make anyone feel that they need a firearm to feel safe.

Several other K-State professors are leaving the university as well because of the campus carry law.

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