Holton mayor upset with portrayal of city during Ewing trial

HOLTON, Kan. (KSNT) – The mayor of Holton has had enough.

The city leader pulled a KSNT News crew aside Wednesday to express frustration with the way social and national media outlets have portrayed his small town, in regards to the trial of 22-year-old Jacob Ewing.

Ewing faces multiple accusations of rape. He was acquitted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl, in April.

Mayor Bob Dieckmann passionately said, “this town is not divided ” – referring to social media postings claiming that Ewing’s popularity as a former high school football player had the town split down the middle, in regards to his innocence.

“We are not a bunch of hicks!”

The mayor claims the people of Jackson County have been portrayed as “hillbillies” throughout the trial.

When asked what his thoughts on Ewing were, Dieckmann simply said, “justice will be served.” Its unclear whether the mayor’s claims allude to the potential of a divided jury. More than half of those eligible to serve as jurors during the trial were dismissed because of ties to the Ewing family.

A verdict is expected to be reached on June 30.


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