Six year old boy saves family from mobile home fire

Elizabeth Price’s mobile home caught fire and six year old Trey Akins decided to step in to find safety.

AMERICUS, Kan. (KSNT)– Elizabeth Price’s mobile home caught fire Wednesday afternoon after a heat lamp set her chicken coop on fire.

Price and her two nephews were in the mobile home taking a nap when they started to hear the fire crackle. That is when the three of them ran to the door, but it was covered in flames.

They ran to the back door, but it wouldn’t open. 6-year-old Trey Akins decided to take matters in his own hands and kick the door open.

“It kinda hurt my foot,” Akins said.

Once they were safe, Akins said he felt sad because the fire burned down half of his aunt’s trailer and all of her things.

Price said she she didn’t know what would have happened if her nephew hadn’t been able to get the door open.

“I think we would be in a different situation,” Price said.

Akin’s is being called a hero, but he is staying humble. However, he said he is going to tell all of his friends about what he did.

Price’s home was destroyed and she will have to find a new place to live. The fire department, red cross, and people of Americus have been donating since the fire happened.

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