Someone You Should Know: Tyler Shima

Topeka, KAN. (KSNT)- When a local man found his calling in life, he went all in. Trading in his desk job for a dog house.

“The first time I gave a shot my hands were pretty shaky,” said Tyler Shima as he described his job at as a volunteer at Topeka’s animal shelter, The Helping Hands Humane Society. “I came in knowing nothing about lost animals and intake,” Shima said.

That’s because before being around cats and dogs constantly, Tyler spent his days working behind a computer, “And I just hated having a desk job,” Shima said. “I wanted to do something where I was doing hands on work and feel like I was making a difference.”

Shima focused in on his passion for science and animals and realized he wanted to become a veterinarian. That’s what pushed him to volunteer and shadow people at the animal shelter,”I really like watching the surgeries the doctor will probably do about 10 or 15 surgeries a day,” he said.

He can’t do any of the surgeries himself since he doesn’t have a degree, but he still gets a lot of experience as a volunteer. The Helping Hands Humane Society treats Shima like he’s an employee, so he can get a grasp of what it will be like if someday he does become a vet, “They’re helping me learn how to draw blood from cats and dogs,” Shima said.

And he keeps the areas where the kittens live nice and tidy, “Which sounds like a dream job to most people but, the kittens are pretty gross its amazing how much poop comes out of a little kitten.”

Cleaning up after cats one day, but someday he could be saving your life.


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