Topeka mother warns others after her son was killed by his friend


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Sunday afternoon, family and friends gathered at Gage Park to remember 18-year-old Arden King.

King was shot and killed in Central Topeka Sunday, May 25, and in an exclusive interview with KSNT News, King’s mother, Kelly Briones, shared new information about the day her son was murdered.  

“He tried to draw attention off of his friend,” said Briones. “They were focused on his friend.”

We were told that specific friend couldn’t appear on camera, but Briones said her son always protected others and to many he was like a “Superman.”

18-year-old Luqman Keys was arrested for murdering King. Briones said her son and Keys went to Middle school together.

“They were friends,” she said, “this kid used to come up to my house and sit in my son’s room and play PlayStation.”

King’s best friend, Caleb Maggard said he thinks Keys fell in with the wrong crowd.

“You have a decision to be better or to stay with the life of crime and some people just choose to pick up a gun instead of you know, choosing to be better than that,” he said.

Briones said she wants to see an end to the recent violence in the Capital City. She said she hopes to spare local parents of the tragedy she’s going through now.

“The town as a whole needs to come together and force the city’s leaders and police officers and law enforcement to do something about this,” she said.

She said she wishes there were more resources for teens in the community.

Family and friends are coming together to raise money to help Briones move out of the neighborhood her son was murdered in.

If you’re interested in donating, you can visit this website:

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