Cars ransacked across Topeka over holiday weekend

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT)  –  Multiple people across Topeka woke up to find that their cars have been ransacked over the weekend. Saturday morning neighbors near the corner of Morningside and Hillcrest in woke up to find that over a dozen cars on the block had been rifled through and the doors left wide open.

“My truck was locked and it was not touched. My husband’s was left unlocked and they ransacked through the glove box, the console, the backseat,” said Janet Barlow.

Barlow said she flagged down a police officer in the area who told her over 15 of her neighbors had also been targeted. She said all the neighbors she’d spoken to had left their cars unlocked. While nothing of her’s was taken, Barlow said she’s still disappointed in what happened.

“It’s too bad that this is a nice peaceful neighborhood and you can’t leave your doors unlocked without people going through your stuff,” said Barlow.

In North Topeka, Amber Johnson and her husband Nathaniel were not so lucky.

“They took a gift card to the Kwik Shop and some change out of the console and his spare magazine for his firearm,” said Johnson.

Johnson said she locked the car door before she went to bed Friday night.

Topeka Police said they couldn’t say whether the incidents were related. They said you should always lock your car doors and never leave valuables inside. If you park in the driveway, the suggest installing a motion light to deter burglars.


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