Fireworks and more for the Fourth in Wamego

Over the last several weeks, volunteers have put in countless hours building the launching tubes for the fireworks, ordering just the right combination of fireworks that have to be tested to be sure that the fireworks work well together to make the show just that…a real show.

Once all the supplies are in place, there is the programming of the automatic firing systems. A large part of show is pre-programmed to fire a specific firework in a specific tube and is timed all the way down to a tenth of a second to make the Wamego display a true pyrotechnic musical.

However, there is so much more to Wamego’s Independence Day celebrations that just the out-of-this-world fireworks show at 10:00pm.

“What’s unique about wamego is that once a year so many people come together to pull off a unique customer and visitor experience that’s for everyone coming into town. Not only with the parade that lines this street, the fireworks, we have an ice cream social, we have a car show, we have all of these activities that go all-day long and the town decorates, as well. If you drive around town as a visitor, you’re going to see there are flags on every house and it’s a fun way to really show our patriotism,” says Cheryl White-Conklin.

“It’s a community of net givers and when you have a community that has people that give more than they take, you’re able to do some really neat things within the community and the region as a whole,” adds Chris Hupe.

But when the day is winding down, the big show is gearing up. Wamego is said to become Boom Town on the Fourth, so i found out where that reference came from. It all starting from an article written about the fireworks display a few years back.

Mark Portell remembers, “the big headline was ‘Boom Town, USA’ and I think I got it from an old 1940s movie starring Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable called ‘Boom Town’. so it just seemed to fit. You know Boom Town is a town that is really growing, but our Boom Town is one that goes boom on the Fourth of July.”

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