Kaiser Carlile’s memory lives on

LIBERAL, Kan. (KSNW) – It was nearly two years ago when Kaiser Carlile, the bat boy for the Liberal Bee Jays, died as a result of a batting accident at the NBC World Series.

Now, one player that was close to Kaiser is moving up to the majors and is bringing Kaiser’s memory with him.

“Something special was there with Brady,” said Kaiser’s dad, Chad Carlile. “Out of all the guys, Brady was one of them that actually accepted Kaiser and really took him in.”

Brady Cox and the Carliles remained close after Kaiser’s death, and the family was with Brady when he found out he was entering the draft.

“We made a comment then, ‘It’d be kind of crazy if KC picked you up, just because of Kaiser’s initials,’” said Chad.

Brady was drafted by the Royals. Playing for KC is a perfect match to Kaiser’s initials. .

In fact, Brady had been wearing KC around his neck, in honor of Kaiser, from before the draft.

“He got even a necklace made for him of KC,” said Chad. “KC is something that just sticks for us you know, and for that to be the same team, it means a lot.”

Chad wasn’t the only Carlile who was excited. Kaiser’s little sister is also close with Brady and was thrilled when she heard the news.

“I got off the phone and I was like ‘Brady got drafted to the Kansas City Royals,’” said Keirsie Carlile, “and everybody was screaming yay.”

Keirsie has been a Kansas City fan for years, and this makes the team even more special for her.

“It’s cool because it’s my initials and Kaiser’s initials and the KC, it matches with it, and I like how that happens with it because my favorite baseball team is the Kansas City Royals.”

Kaiser’s legacy lives on through the careers of players he was closest to, like Brady.

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