Strangers replace stolen bike after park assault

Two strangers gave 13-year-old Eythun Munoz-Lykins two different bikes after his was stolen.

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)  –  A Topeka teen is feeling the love of the community after he was assaulted in a local park. Thirteen-year-old Eythun Munoz-Lykins was beaten and his bike was stolen in Hillcrest Park on Friday. His nose was broken and his lip was busted on his braces.

After word spread about the attack, random strangers reached out to Eythun to replace the bike that was stolen.

“I got a BMX bike, that’s cool. I got another bike that’s cool too. It’s real cool to have people who actually care,” said Eythun.

Along with the bikes, the family also received fireworks for the 4th of July. Eythun’s mother, Tiffany Lykins, said she’s been overwhelmed by the amount of support they’ve received.

“There has been hundreds if not thousands of comments on Facebook. Everybody concerned about him. It’s really touching,” said Tiffany.

Shawnee County Park Police said they are working with Topeka Police to identify Eythun’s attacker. Eythun’s father, John Lykins, said he’s grateful for all the love his family has received, but he’s also enrolling both his children in self-defense training.

Ten-year-old Eyli Munoz-Lykins was there when his brother was assaulted.

“I was sitting there under this jungle gym and I was sitting there in tears,” said Eyli.

Eyli still hasn’t gone back to the park, but he’s happy about all the attention his brother is getting.

“I really like that people are doing this. It’s really touching and also they really care about other people. Not just all hatred,” said Eyli.

The family is still hoping that Eythun’s attacker will be found and brought to justice. Regardless, Tiffany said they won’t forget the people that rallied behind them.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone that has reached out to him. You guys have definitely made an impression on this young man,” said Tiffany.

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