Topeka celebrates Justice Mitchell’s life

Topeka community celebrates Justice Mitchell's life

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– Love and Fellowship church quickly became standing room only to remember Justice Mitchell. His moms says she is falling apart on the inside. Topeka celebrates Justice Mitchell’s life.

“Just being a mom, you know, it’s hard to bury a child,” said Angela Lee.

Justice’s older brothers Steve and Cody said they never thought they would have to bury their brother. They said they feel lost and that it is going to take time without him here.

Police said a teen shot and killed Justice in West Topeka, but the Topeka community came together to celebrate Justice’s life, and it didn’t go unnoticed to his family and friends.

“The community has just embraced my son like nothing I’ve ever seen, it’s amazing how much he meant to not just me but to everybody,” Lee said.

Justice graduated from Shawnee Heights high school. His friends wanted to honor him and planned to match with blue ties. Blue was his favorite color.

“We would like to take Justice home, Justice style,” his mom said that is what his friends told her.

But while the community celebrates Justice, they are also ready for the tragedies to stop.

Police are working to bring justice for Justice and his brothers will always miss their baby brother.

“We love him, we’ll always love, always and forever,” Steve Mitchell and Cody Harrison said.

Topeka police have not identified the suspect at this time.

Justice’s family are setting up a memorial fund in his name. For more information on how to donate you can contact Love and Fellowship Church at (785) 478-0002.

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