Family of Silver Lake girl with rare cancer says she is no longer breathing on her own

SILVER LAKE (KSNT) – The family of Parker Monhollon, a 9-year-old Silver Lake girl who was diagnosed with DIPG, an inoperable brain tumor, says she is no longer breathing on her own.

Parker’s mother Amanda Monhollon posted the update Wednesday on the Facebook page “Parker Loves Life”  saying they had an MRI and EEG done confirming low brain activity.

“Regardless of the MRI results, my child is not living and that is the truth,” Amanda posted. “I haven’t held her fully in months because of constantly being hooked up to monitors and machines.”

The family’s lives have been documented on the Facebook page for the last year and a half along with the strong support from the Silver Lake and surrounding community. Since Parker’s story, multiple people who’ve been effected by DIPG have reached out to the Monhollons, sharing similar stories.

“You have been an audience to our hopes, reality, feelings and every emotion that we have allowed you to see. I will continue to show you the harsh reality of our life as we begin to make Parker’s legacy.”

Amanda says “Parker is a fighter and never gave up until her body had nothing left to give.”

A fund is set up for the family through the Silver Lake Bank. Donations can also be made online at

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