Lauren’s Bay Villa residents are asking for a change

Lauren's Bay Algae

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– When residents built their homes at Lauren’s Bay Villas they say they were promised a maintenance free lifestyle, but that is not what they got.

Sue Crawford has been living in her home at Lauren’s Bay for nine years and doesn’t want to move, but said if the pond in her backyard isn’t cleaned, she will.

The pond in her backyard is full of algae, snakes and bugs. Crawford and her neighbors have been complaining about this problem for years, but they said the owner of the property has done nothing.

“That was about seven years ago and to date nothing has been done and it’s just been a vicious cycle trying to get them to do anything,” Crawford said.

Crawford’s neighbor Connie Hansen said she’s contacted the owner and never heard anything back. So, residents then took matters into their own hands.

“I have continued to maintain it by costing me about $100 a year,” Hansen said.

Crawford said she was injured cleaning the pond.

“I stepped in a hole and ended up tearing my ACL and my neighbors literally carried me into the house,” Crawford said. She had two surgeries and a hospital stay because of this injury.

Residents of Lauren’s Bay Villas say they bought their homes base partly on a promise that the property around them would be taken care of.

“It was suppose to be maintenance free, everything was suppose to be taken care of and it’s been the total opposite,” Crawford said.

Hansen said her neighbors and herself are working way too hard on the property that they don’t even own and the cost of it is getting to be too much for them as well.

The residents want the community to be able to enjoy fishing and swimming in the pond again, but it needs to be cleaned by the owner first.

KSNT News tried to contact the owner of the property multiple times to see what steps are being taken to fix the problem. Our attempts went unanswered.

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