Mosquitoes swarm as heat sets in

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – You’ve heard their buzz as summer heat takes hold.

Mosquitoes are out in full force as temperatures climb. They come together in shallow areas, typically occupied by standing water. Leaving those who frequent parks and trails with pesky bites.

Shunga Trail goer, Robert Williams told KSNT News, “I just got back from vacation in South Dakota which is a lot cooler than here and there was hardly any mosquitoes.”

“Then I come back here and there hadn’t been too bad of mosquitoes before the trip and then its like they all came out.”

Williams has a point.  When the heat sets in, the bugs tend to be more active in the evening hours – spelling trouble if you like to exercise outdoors.

Centers for Disease Control research shows that mosquitoes bite you in spots where your blood is closest to the surface. The result of working out, playing sports – even sweating.

As these blood sucking bugs swarm Shawnee County, county commissioners set aside $10,000.00 for mosquito surveillance programs.

The county sets traps and monitors the bugs weekly as part of West Nile and Zika research.

Williams said he’s not worried about getting the disease, but he does worry for his son.

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