Three water mains broke Monday morning

The hot weather resulted in three water main breaks Monday morning.

Crews repair broken water main by removing asphalt.

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — The hot weather resulted in three water main breaks Monday morning.

Water Services Public Relations Specialist Ryan Woolaway said the heat causes the ground to swell and shift.

When the ground moves enough, it can break inflexible iron water mains. Acidic soil corroding the metal pipes, as well as increased water use in the summertime, also contribute to the breaks.

Mains burst near 1100 SW Fraizer, 1700 SW Chelsea, and 2742 SW Indian Trail in Topeka. Residents affected by the repairs were without running water while crews worked on the mains.

Jon Zimmerman’s water was shut off when the main outside his home broke. He said he has adjusted to the inconvenience.

“It occurs frequently,” he said. “This is the third or fourth time this season, I think, that we’ve had the water mains out.”

Woolaway said a total of 161 water mains have broken so far this year. Thirty-eight mains broke in June, and 13 have broken in July.

He estimates that most repairs cost the city around 5,000 dollars. That money comes out of the Public Works 47.41 million dollar annual budget.

The Topeka Water Division notifies neighborhoods about broken water main repair through the City of Topeka Facebook and Twitter as well as Nextdoor.

Woolaway asks Topeka residents to notify the city if they think they see a main break, by calling Public Works at (785) 368-3111.

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