“Fiesta Mexicana” grounds keepers try to beat the heat

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– Wednesday is the second day for Fiesta Mexicana and temperatures are going to reach nearly 100 degrees.

The fiesta doesn’t kick off until 4:00 p.m., but grounds keepers of the carnival being work at sunrise.

The grounds crew cleans the streets, set up table and chairs, and more. The crew starts this work early in the morning so they can try and stay cool.

Felipe Rangel is the grounds crew chair and said that it wouldn’t be Fiesta Mexicana if it wasn’t this hot.

He also said that even though it is a lot of work, the crew still has a lot of fun together.

“I mean they love doing it, you know they are here every year with me as well and they enjoy it, its good comm-oratory between all of us the grounds crew, we joke a lot,” Rangel said.

The grounds crew is always looking for volunteers and if you want to get involved you can contact Our Lady of Guadalupe Church at (785) 232-5088. 

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