Missing 7-year-old Topeka boy found safe in friend’s home

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A 7-year-old boy who went missing Tuesday night in Central Topeka has been found safe.

Police began looking in the 500 block area of Fillmore Street. Jusiah Gabhart reportedly went missing around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday in the area of SW 6th Ave. & SW Fillmore St. However, police say he wasn’t reported missing until after 11:00 p.m.

He was found Wednesday morning asleep in a home in 200 block of SW Taylor. The homeowner says he comes to her house often.

“He’s here once a day. He comes over and plays the PlayStation or eats lunch with us or something. He had enchiladas for dinner last night,” said Balee Grace.

Grace has seven kids of her own. She said Jusiah had left his bike at her house earlier in the day. She picked him up when she saw him walking alone.

We get to the house there and I’m like we’re going to watch movies and lay down and stuff and eat snacks, so you can do that with us because it’s night time and I’m a mom and I don’t understand why you’re out at 7:30 at night,” said Grace.

Police knocked on Grace’s door when they noticed his bike in her yard. She said she knew Topeka Police were looking for a missing child, but didn’t think it was Jusiah.

“When I seen the description, I thought that it was Jusiah, but I didn’t think it was him because I just kept thinking why would you call the police now when he’s always out in the neighborhood,” said Grace.

However, Jusiah’s older sister Eunique Gabhart said that wasn’t the case. She admits he goes on his own, but she said he’s usually very responsible.

“Usually it’s like when the street light’s come on you gotta be home or it’s like about 10 o’clock,” said Gabhart.

When he wasn’t home by 10, Gabhart said they decided to give him another hour before they called police.

“I wasn’t gonna go to sleep until they found my brother,” said Gabhart.

Even after he was found at her house, Grace said she still hasn’t met his parents. She said Topeka Police thanked her for picking him up when she did.

“It could’ve been worse. I mean luckily he was found by a parent somebody who knew him,” said Grace.

Police search the area near 5th and Fillmore St. for missing Jusiah Gabhart.


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