University open carry signs causing some confusion

New open carry signs at Kansas Public Universities

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– It’s been nearly two weeks since concealed carry became legal at Kansas public universities, but there is some confusion with the new language.

Some signs recently posted at Washburn University read, “The open carrying of firearms in this building is prohibited.”

This means you can conceal and carry a firearm into the building, but the university has chosen not to allow open carry.

Neneh Hewins is a student at Washburn University and is confused by the language of the new signs.

“That is very confusing, I don’t, I think they should probably re-make that sign so it’s something I could actually understand,” Hewins said.

She said she is really just confused by one underlined word on the signs.

“It would say prohibited, then you’re like well why do you have a gun on you?” Hewins said.

Washburn Police Chief Chris Enos said that the signs are new and they’ll take some getting use to.

“You’ll have to take a second, read through it and see exactly what it means,” Enos said.

Chief Enos said his department will educate students about the signs, when they return for the fall semester.

“It’s just like when you’re learning to drive and you’re looking at those different signs, some of them are a little confusing at first, but you learn to really quickly see what those mean and react accordingly,” Enos said.

Kansas law requires that these signs, created by the State Attorney General’s office, be posted at entrances to buildings where open carry of a firearm is prohibited.

A spokeswoman with the Attorney General’s Office said the signs have been available since 2014. For signage materials and regulations can be found by CLICKING HERE


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