Staffing issues to keep Northview Pool closed this weekend

(KSNT Photo/Willis Scott)

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Manhattan’s Parks and Recreation Department says Northview Pool will remain closed through this weekend. Officials say they’re not able to appropriately staff the pool since 10 lifeguards had to be treated for chlorine exposure on Wednesday.


“The water at Northview is safe. Our trained staff responded immediately to make sure we had all the equipment operating correctly and to reduce the chlorine levels in the pool back down to normal,” said Eddie Eastes, Director of Manhattan Parks and Recreation. “The pool will re-open as staffing levels allow, and we will announce the opening to the public as soon as possible.”

On Wednesday afternoon first responders were called to the pool after the lifeguards were exposed to chlorine in the pool. Melissa Kirkwood, a spokesperson with Manhattan Parks and Recreation told KSNT News the lifeguards jumped into the pool during a “heat break.” This is when the public is required to get out of the pool and lifeguards are allowed to get in to cool down. She said that’s when the chlorine was released and the reason only the lifeguards were affected, and not the public.

Kirkwood said the chlorine release came from an equipment malfunction caused by a lightning strike earlier this month.


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