Someone You Should Know: Brandon “Bizzy” Evans

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — While most rappers typically get a bad rap, ‘Bizzy’ is not one of them. 

He’s recorded dozens of songs, but when he’s not in the recording studio he raps to a different beat, “Help, help, help somebody,” said ‘Bizzy’.

Helping people, it’s his passion. ’Bizzy’s’ real name is Brandon Evans, born and raised in East Topeka. An area of town Evan’s admits growing up in was rough, Not much over on that side,” Evans said. “Not a lot of opportunity, but you make something happen.” 

Evan’s, the oldest of seven kids had an extra push to make more out of his life despite his situation, “My siblings was a lot of motivation for me,” he said. “I know there’s more out there, and a lot of kids out here they don’t know that, because ain’t nobody out here showing and telling them that.”

With little positive role models around, he decided he was going to be that role model his neighborhood need. He started by just simply helping people struggling however he could, “Looking out for people I knew had good hearts but they were in some messed up situations,” Evans said.

Once he started helping people, he couldn’t stop. He even started a non-profit in Topeka called Team Care More, “We do Thanksgiving adoptions, we do family adoptions on Christmas,” Evans said. This is all made possible through year round donations and fundraising, Evans and his group of volunteers provide families with meals during the holidays, or even presents on Christmas.

His acts of kindness haven’t gone unnoticed. He’s won several award’s over the years. In 2016 he even won the Lifetime Achievement award. An award signed by former President Obama, and given to those who volunteer in their community, “This one here is really near and dear because this is what I stand for, I’m all about giving back.”

 Being a good person and giving back. It’s Evan’s mission in life. He just hopes he can be the role model to all the young kids growing up in neighborhoods similar to where he grew up. And that they will take note of how he stayed on the right path, and follow in his footsteps, ”You know you ain’t gotta go through no gangs,” Evans said. “You ain’t gotta do nothing stupid, you can be your own person.”

Brandon is always looking for volunteers and donations to help with his holiday adoptions and Christmas gifts, if you would like to learn more on how you can help CLICK HERE.


 Link for website:

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