Thousands get ready for the 28th annual Sunflower State Games

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – From July 14-30, 2017 are the 28th annual Sunflower State Games. The event is held every July to promote physical fitness and an active lifestyle. The Sunflower State Games includes people of all ages participating in more than 40 sporting events through the end of the month. The 2016 Male Athlete of the Year, who’s competing again, has a message for anyone wanting to be a part of the games.

“All you gotta do is try,” TJ Wade, Male athlete of the year for 2016 said. “I mean, if you go out there and you try your best at whatever sport you’re doing, then just keep working at it in the future and eventually you’ll get up there.”

KSNT News also caught up with the Female Athlete of the Year of 2016. Last year was her first time competing and she took home 4 medals.

“I’ve been going to some morning practices at 5:30,” Kailey Ward, female athlete of the year of 2016 said. “It’s been pretty tiresome. I’ve also done some lifting to help me gain muscle and row faster in the water.”

According to a study from the National Congress of State Games, each athlete brings an average of 2 guests to watch them compete. That averages out to about 14 thousand visitors who will fill the capital city over the coming weeks.

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