How to know if it’s too hot outside for your pets

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Summer and sunshine may seem like the perfect time to take your furry friend outside to play, but it can actually become dangerous for you pet.

Dr. Matt Zupka from Sherwood Animal Clinic said that heat stroke is the biggest concern that you have to try and avoid.

He also said your pets paws are something to watch out for as well. He said that when they burn they will get blistered, looking like a mild burn, and will really hurt the animals paws.

However, there is a general rule of thumb you can use to see if it’s too hot to walk your dog.

“If you cant hold your hand down on the pavement for 5 to 10 seconds, then it’s probably too hot for your dog or your pet,” Dr. Zupka said.

Erin McAdam said she plays outside with her dogs almost every day and uses the 5 second rule to be safe.

“If it burns me, there’s no way it doesn’t hurt them. If I can’t walk on it barefoot why should they?” McAdam said.

Leaving your pets in the car can also be a problem. We left a thermometer on the floor of our car for only 30 minutes and it reached nearly 100 degrees. Exposing your pet to this kind of heat can literally burn the skin off their paws or even give them a heat stroke.

Dr. Zupka recommends not even taking your dogs in the car with you.

“If you take them on a trip and you have a problem with your car, then what do you do with your dog?” Dr. Zupka asked.

He said people forget how quickly dogs can overheat.

“The only way they can cool off is by panting and once they get hot, they stay hot for quite a while,” he said.

Dr. Zupka recommends always having water for your pet and never overexposing them to the heat or exercise. He also said never hesitate to just call your vet for advice if you think your pet is in danger.


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