Someone You Should Know: Bill Ogden

Manhattan, KAN. (KSNT) —  While most of us have plans to retire someday, that’s not he case for a 96-year-old man in Manhattan.

“I love to work, and I like to be useful,” said Bill Ogden, manager at Suds Y’r Duds laundromat. He’s worked there since 1993, and he has no plans to retire anytime soon. “I thank God everyday that I am useful, and that I am able to get up everyday and go to work,” said Ogden.

Everything in the laundromat keeps ticking, thanks to Ogden. “If you have a problem with a machine and you fix it then you feel good about it,” he said.

For Bill, he’s never really stopped working, even as a young boy, “I was a farmer raising tobacco,” Ogden said. From there he went to Missouri and worked for a grocery store. “Then from there to the AMPT company and worked there for 25 years,” he said. After that he owned his own grocery store for 18 years, “I get flustered if I don’t work.”

If you ask Bill why he’s still working at his age, he’ll admit he likes to tinker with the machines, but that’s not why he’s still working, “I love people, that’s been my whole life is loving people,” Ogden said.

Loving people, and just being around people. Its what keeps him from retiring.

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