Hundreds still under boil water advisory in Lyon County

Olpe and other small towns in Lyon County are still under a boil water advisory.

OLPE, Kan (KSNT)  –  Hundreds in Lyon County are still under a boil water advisory. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment lifted the warning for Emporia Sunday; however, the cities of Admire, Allen, Hartford and Olpe are still under advisory.

“We go through a lot of water. I didn’t realize how much we used until I had to start boiling water for them to drink and I was boiling several times a day,” said Paula Pimpl.

Pimpl lives in Olpe and boils water multiple times a day. She keeps a bowl of clean water next to her sink for cleaning and inside her fridge for drinking. Pimpl said it’s been difficult to go through this with multiple kids home for summer.

“They heard it could make them sick, so they’re always like is this the good water? Can we drink this water? How about the ice? Can we drink the ice,” said Pimpl.

It’s been an easier transition for Pimpl’s mother Kathy Stevenson. She said she doesn’t need to boil much water for her and her husband.

“It’s kind of difficult when I go to brush my teeth to remember to use the boiled water. Sometimes I find myself running a glass full of tap water and having to dump it out,” said Kathy Stevenson.

Stevenson lives in one of the six rural water districts in Lyon and Coffey Counties that are fed water from Emporia.

Lyon County Emergency Management Director Jared Fell told KSNT News that the boil water advisory will most likely be life sometime between Tuesday and Thursday. He said while Emporia water tested clean the smaller systems have not been flushed. Once that happens, the water will be tested and hopefully the advisory lifted.


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