Kansans learn how the health care reform could impact the state

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- The ongoing Health Care Reform Debate in Washington is leading to many worries here in Kansas.

The Big Tent Coalition of Kansas and the Disability Rights Center of Kansas held a save medicaid rally Tuesday afternoon at the Kansas Statehouse.

The event allowed those from senior citizens to the disabled and their advocates to voice their concerns of how the proposed bill would impact Kansans and how they say it will hurt their medicaid benefits that they rely on a daily basis.

“We are medicaid. we all matter and we have to be listen to because this program is so important, too important to get lost in this political food fight,” said Rocky Nichols, Executive Director of the Disability Rights Center of Kansas.

The Alliance for a Healthy Kansas also held a town hall forum on health care at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Tuesday evening.

Sheldon Weisgaru from the Health Reform Resource Project discussed how the proposed bill would cause many Kansans to pay more and  would even leave them without insurance.

“It means big cuts for the Medicaid program which supports services for children for Kansans with disabilities, for seniors in nursing homes, and for low income pregnant women and it means probably cuts in payment to providers,” Weisgaru said.


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