Kansas public schools budgets still aren’t finalized

EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT)– Before Kansas public schools can finalize their budgets, they need the Kansas Department of Education’s budget software. School officials believe the software hasn’t been released yet because the Kansas Supreme Court has yet to rule on school funding.

“What they’re concerned about is if there are any tweaks made by the court, then it throws off a great deal of the software,” Emporia Public School District Assistant Superintendent Rob Scheib said.

The software is how the schools calculate their money and communicate with the state. Scheib said that it is not simple to make the budget and fill it in once they get the software.

However, he said that the Emporia public schools will plan their year no differently with an anticipated budget.

What they call a “building budget” in the Emporia public school districts budget includes teachers supplies, transportation for activities, copy machines and more.

Not having a finalized budget leaves the teachers preparing for the year to start with the anticipated “building budget” created from spending in years past.

“We didn’t cut the amount of money going into the building budgets, that was something that was important to us and we kept that,” Scheib said.

Although, he said no student or parent should worry that the budget will affect their education.

“Actually putting together the budget and getting it approved and finalized, that will not prevent us from getting started with the school year,” Scheib said.

Emporia public schools start classes in about four weeks and agree that the budget software needs to be released as soon as it is final so that they don’t have to do their budget multiple times.


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