New online submission form helps DCF track down fraud


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- The Kansas Department for Children and Families is strengthening its efforts to combat welfare benefits fraud and they are now doing it online.

The online submission form was made available to the public this week to help report suspected incidents of fraud to DCF.

It’s expected that this new tool will help increase detection and prevent benefits from getting into the wrong hands of those who are not entitled to receive assistance.

“We believe it’s our responsibility to the taxpayers to make sure that the benefits go to the right and correct folks and those that are trying to defraud the system and make sure that we pursue those folks and get a judgment on those,” said Chris Tomlinson, Food Assistance Program Manager for the Kansas Department for Children and Families.

In 2014, DCF obtained more than 316 fraud judgments in the supplemental nutrition assistance program and more than 79 fraud judgments in the temporary assistance for needy families program. That lead to more than $200,000 in fraud findings.

Those who suspect benefits fraud are encouraged to fill out the “Fraud Report Form” online at You can also call 800-432-3913.

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